About the Department

The first students of the Mathematical Engineering Department of our University have been enrolled in the 1976 – 1977 term; and second in training education was initiated in the 1992 – 1993 term. Education has continued uninterruptedly up to now with the 1 st and 2 nd education programs.

The aim of the Mathematical Engineering programs is to give to the students the formation of an Engineer with a deep knowledge of Mathematics; and raise engineers who produce solutions by simulating technical – economic and social phenomena. The programs are frequently updated for this purpose, with always the future in mind.

We are submitting the latest Department Manual prepared under the Continuous Quality Improvement in Education Project (EKSIP). Formation of engineers equipped with contemporary knowledge is achieved by following up national and international developments and including such developments in our programs to the farthest extent possible.

Even though only two of our universities (YTU and ITU) have Mathematical Engineering Departments under their organization, both the public and private sectors know about this Department very well and Mathematical Engineering graduates are preferred as recruits at these sectors. No mathematical engineer faces any problems in finding a job. Mathematical engineers have proven themselves in extensive areas of business life. They have an active role in the simulation, solution and interpretation of problems at the economy and service sectors. Successful mathematical engineers can be seen in the area of training also at secondary and higher education schools. For all these reasons, the quota of our Department is filled by the student segment with the highest scores of the student selection test.

Our new curriculum plan under EKSIP, has been prepared with the extensive participation of our faculty members, students, graduates, and the business world. The vision, mission, objectives and outputs of the Department have been initially identified; the program and curriculum have been meticulously reviewed and the required revisions were made. While the mathematical engineer formation is supplied with compulsory courses, the student is given the chance of getting a deep knowledge in the area of specialization through the elective courses.

I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to EKSIP with their efforts. The success to come after the realization of this preparatory phase will be marked by the existing and future contributors.

Prof. Dr. Fatih TAŞÇI
Mathematical Engineering Department Head



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