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About Closed Undergraduate Courses

About Undergraduate Courses
Department of Mathematics Engineering
2019-2020 Academic Year Fall Semester List of Lessons Due to Lack of Quota
Lesson code   Course Title    Course Language    Group
MTM3551   Integral Transformations   Turkish   1
MTM3621   Differential Geometry   Turkish   1
MTM3681   Fourier Analysis   Turkish   3
MTM4641   Introduction to Data Mining   Turkish   3
MTM4000   Graduation Project   Turkish   5
MTM4000 Graduation Project   Turkish   11
MTM4000   Graduation Project   English   23




Note: Students who take the closed courses in the list are required to select from the course groups open after 14:00 on the system today. In addition, in some course groups, it is important that students who choose courses from all undergraduate education in which group transfer is performed should check the course groups. All responsibility lies with the student.
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